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Pitch Decks Through Content Creation

Pitching out of the box.

A couple of days ago I was reading Fred Wilson USV blog, “Pitch Alternatives” there he mentions he reviews 20 pitch decks per day, and if there was any other alternative to the standard deck. I bet he has probably seen everything, from all forms and types of cold pitch deck emails.

In a world of fast digestible media such as voice, and video, pitching through text is arguably becoming something of the past. I argue this, because a pitch deck, in other words, using text as the medium, should be treated as the second act after getting the attention needed, mainly because it allows you to get into detail, go into the weeds of P&L, Costs, Roadmap, KPIs.

If we analyze a standard pitch deck, it would probably be structured in the following way:

  1. Idea: Concept - A product or Service with the objective of having an “impact” in the world.
  2. Why us: The team the rockstars
  3. Market: TAM - how big the blue ocean is.
  4. Roadmap: We are in X we need to get to Z
  5. The Dollars: To be Z we need money.

Appendix A, B, C,

I can imagine Fred Wilson after investing over 100+ companies receiving the same pitch deck format.

Therefore, if you want to get someone attention, why would you do the exact as everyone else?

If we take a step back, and we analyze the good old days, you wouldn’t just cold email that person, you would go to the building, wait until she finishes and then through voice, physical excitement and passion, you would elevator pitch them.

They would probably won’t listen to any word of what you said, but if you are enthusiastic enough then you can get their attention, and then if you have their attention, then send your pitch deck.

After two days I saw USV blog, the CEO of Patreon Jack Conte, did a brilliant pitch to Casey Neistat, Beme Co-Founder, Casey sold his company for $25MM to CNN, and has over 9Million subscribers.

Casey just started a new company called 368. Therefore Jack Conte wanted to partner up Patreon with 368; the goal was simple pitch Casey with enough excitement to grab 15 minutes of his time to discuss a business model for 368

For the last year, I’ve immerse myself on Youtube, Instagram, and other content media platforms such as Twitch. The leverage we have today is truly outstanding.

My biggest recommendation is to understand how attention works, and the way your brand can grab it through content creation.

Now we can elevator-pitch from our computer to the other side of the world, to your customers, your stakeholders, or your investors.

And Fred Wilson is not the only one, check out Mark Suster Medium Post of Both Sides of the Table about Youtubers & Execs.