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What to expect in 2018


My 1st prediction test. I do it because I think it will be interesting to see this post in 2019 and see what did happen and what didn’t. Yesterday I reviewed my 2017 year, so I’m aiming to review the past and my view of the future. This 2018 prediction is not science // researched based, or anything like that, just high-level opinions of the subjects I’m passionate about.

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Here it goes:

  1. Will the bitcoin bubble explode? I believe the cryptocurrency represents a movement, and bitcoin is just the representation of this.
  • I expect BTC price to continue to grow, there’s a lot of VCs, and big firms just trying to jump into the roller coaster, so prices will still go up.
  • I believe the actual value is on Ethereum//Blockchain; I expect technology scalability to double this year, mainly for transactions and financial purposes.
  1. Will the Mexican Startup Ecosystem join the Crypto Movement? This is something I struggle to answer. I hope so, even my non-techie friends know about bitcoin, but the value is on Blockchain and decentralized systems, I expect more startups join the movement, but I feel it will take time for that
  2. Will the tech power continue to be centralized? The internet oligopoly (“FANG” - Facebook Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) owns our lives in everything we do, & watch. I believe they will continue, but the industry is starting to realize this.
  3. The Rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: 2018 will be the AR // VR year, iOS 11 is out, ARKIT is out, hardware and software are ready, the market is mature, Oculus Go & Magic Leap will be released in 2018.
  4. Will Mexico improve the Fintech Law? Yes. It must.
  5. Will UBER have a successful year? I believe it won’t, last year was crazy in the media, and competition is getting higher.
  6. Will Mexico have a PAN//PRI President? I don’t think so, I believe it will be an independent, or a minority convincing a majority.
  7. Will we see more gender diversity in Tech? Yes, and it must. Not only in tech but in other industries, the #MeToo campaign will continue to rise.
  8. Will new environmental issues will come by 2018? YES. China is stopping importing recycled plastic. Plastic will be in this year’s headlines.
  9. Will we see Trump continuing as a president at the end of this year? I hope not.

See you in 2019!