Welcome, my name is Daniel Yubi, in case you want to know me a bit.

I have a beautiful PARTNER, she is my rock roca, the one who copes with my ideas, dreams, and failures. Together we have a little dog called ARISTOTLE the perfect mix of a Yorkie and a street dog.

My motto is "always move forward" and I believe everyone can achieve something in this short life, it's just a matter of persistence, consistency, and having some fun along the way.

I'm now working on an app for freelancers  & SMBs in Mexico to help them manage their money better.

I was the first MX Product Manager in CLIP. After that, I was Head of Product at PB with the mission of bringing financial transparency to congressman, governments, and non-profits.

Previously, I launched CRAFTING MÉXICO, a platform that empowered Mexican artisans to share the way they built handcrafts to fight bargain, and low prices. After that, I launched Local-e, and Noble.

Before this great journey, I was a corporate lawyer, but it wasn't as exciting as making life easier through tech.

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Thanks for passing by!

Daniel Yubi